Stall Hölle

Our „Hoelle Stables“ are situated in the middle of the conservation zone “Illmitz-Hoelle” which is part of the national park “Lake Neusiedl-Seewinkel” in Burgenland, Austria.

Our horses are kept on pastures with sheds from April to October, in November they change to big paddocks with large stables. They still go on pasture for several hours a day. Apart from the fencing there is no difference in keeping for Donaufischer.

Donaufischer’s friends, our other Trakehner horses:

St.Pr.St. Heubluete
Sire: Polargeist, Dam: E.St. Heublume by Kurfuerst
Mare’s family: T14N1 Hymne, Webelsgrund Stud

She is full sister to the champion stallion Holunder and has born the St.Pr. and Pr.St. Heuschrecke by Gadsby  at Meierhof Stud for the Heise family. Presently she is represented in the breeding herd of the stud by her daughter Hathor by Diamant. At 29 years of age she is “fit as a fiddle” and undisputed boss of our little herd.

Sire: Donaufels, Dam: St.Pr.St. Heubluete by Polargeist
Mare’s family: T14N1 Hymne, Webelsgrund Stud

Beeing her mother’s last foal she resembles her a lot. At four years of age she still needs to mature and will prolong her mare’s family as a broodmare at our stud.


Herbstfee IX
Sire: Diamant, Dam: Hedda III by Schwalbenflug
Mare’s family: T1402 Herbstgold, Panker Stud (Schmoel/Panker)

Daughter of the highly estimated Diamant, she has proven herself very well in stud, cannot deny her Arabian ancestors and always shows motivation and high rideability under saddle. (Picture with Nicole Ade)


Sire: Key West, Dam: Hedda III by Schwalbenflug
Mare’s family: T1402 Herbstgold, Panker Stud (Schmoel/Panker)

Son of Key West, he is influenced by his Anglo-Arabian sire and shows his mother’s rideability, always being sensitive and intelligent. He was trained by Beate and Wolgang Heise in Seeon (Bavaria/Germany) and is a joy to ride in all situations.

Sire: Gadsby, Dam: Herbstfee IX by Diamant
Mare’s family: T1402 Herbstgold, Panker Stud (Schmoel/Panker)

Athletic son of Gadsby, he sports a very good shoulder and with his engergetic, strong hind legs he moves rhythmically in all gaits. He too has started his training in Seeon with the Heise family and has therefore become an ideal riding horse.


Our teachers:

These two have left us: At 26 years, Hedda III by Schwalbenflug (Dam: Heimchen V by Tuemmler). A wonderful chestnut mare from Panker, which came to Austria in 1987 and was an example for quiet temperament, nobleness, motherhood and rideablity to us. At 25 years, Django by Diamant (Dam: Insterburg by Insterfeuer). A grey gelding whose mother stemmed from the Hungarian Northstar/Furioso line. From his sire and dam sire he had Trakehner blood elements with best attributes in character, motivation, temperament, intelligence, sensitivity and most of all absolute liability and thus became the real ambassador of the Trakehner breed for us.


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